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Welcome on my part of the World Wide Web~!

If you don't know me already make sure to read my document I use for my Telegram's Bio.

This webpage is best viewed with CSS enabled, obviously, as it isn't that bloated and cares for your eyes with a cozy dark theme.

Website map
Link Description
Index Webpage you're currently viewing.
Old index Previous fun webpage using HTML4.01 frames
Telegram Bio General "About Me" used for my Telegram's Bio.
Songs Music recommendations in form of a list of links.
Tech Tips Step-by-step technical tutorials and opinions.
Updates Microblog, only most important updates about me and the site.
Misc Miscellaneous subpages mostly unrelated to the site topics.
Donations(external) If you wish to support me, you can send me some money.

More to come, probably.

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